Knowing Limitlessness

10 week course, 2hr class/week.  Learn that you are limitless, Learn how to tap your inner strength to become your best self, to live the life of your dreams.

Interpersonal Relations in the Digital Age

10 week course, 2hr class/week. Learn the power of positive relationships. Learn how to cultivate meaningful personal and professional relationships that will empower and inspire others in this era of electronic communication and social media.

Building High Performance Teams

10 week course, 2hr class/week. This course takes a look at how high performance teams operate, how they repeatedly exceed expectations, accomplish difficult and complex tasks with seeming ease.  Learn how to build them in your organization.

Organizational Dynamics

10 week course, 2hr class/week. This course looks at how organizations become dysfunctional and impede their progress.  We examine personality types and the role they play in aligning personal priorities with the vision and mission of the organization.

Cultivating Prosperity

10 week course, 2hr class/week. In this class we experiment with the Four Laws of Prosperity to create the life our our dreams.

Secrets of Great Public Speaking

10 week workshop style course, 2hr class/week.  In this class we will experiment with the secrets of the greatest public speakers of all time. Students will learn the art and science of humor, storytelling, and connecting emotionally with the audience. How to remember when to say what and not get lost in the details.


Quick Effective Meetings

2 hr. Workshop.  In this workshop, students will learn the one good reason to hold meetings. Students will learn how to prepare for these meetings, how to conduct them, and will experiment with running them. Using this method top executives have eliminated 70% of unproductive meetings from their calendars.

Remembering Names

2 hr. Workshop. Have you ever been introduced to someone and run into them later and just can’t remember their name. It’s just awkward. In this short workshop we will learn a method that salesmen have used for years to remember everyone’s name, now and for years to come.

The Zealous Life

Half day workshop. Learn the power of enthusiasm to ignite your passion for life.  Create a life which you can’t wait to live. Learn how to greet the day with Zeal because you just can’t wait to get up and make progress toward your goals and be with the people you love to be around. And when bedtime rolls around, you are tired, but it’s a good tired.  A felling that you accomplished much and are ready to rest and refresh so you can attack the next day with Zeal as well.

The Zealous Workplace

Half day workshop.  Learn the power of enthusiasm to ignite passion and innovation in your workplace.  Whether you are a leader or a follower, your zeal is contagious. You can help transform your workplace into a thriving hive of of productive energy simply by working with zeal and inspiring others to do the same. Learn the simple steps to creating the Zealous Workplace.

This is a full day workshop using the Legacy Planning Workbook.  We will guide you through the exercises which will help you identify your life priorities, build better relationships, identify your strengths, and build a plan to create the life that will leave an Infinite Legacy.

The Fundamentals of Personal Integrity

1 day Seminar. In this seminar we examine the fundamentals of personal integrity. We look at our core values, our motives, our strengths, and our actions to determine how trustworthy we appear to those around us and how to recognize the integrity of others.

Recognizing the Fox in the Hen House

1 day Seminar.  Learn how to identify individuals within your organization who may have agendas which do not align with that of the organization. Learn steps to either bring them into the brood or release them back into the wild.

Discovering your Purpose, Living Your Passion

2 day Workshop. In this workshop we dig deep into what makes us tick.  We look at what is important to us, what we value. We examine in depth at the activities that bring us joy and the things that we are passionate about. We recognize our strengths and how to build on them.

The Business Case for Ethics.

2 day Seminar.  This seminar examines the long term role that ethics plays in operating a successful business, big or small, public or private. We look how creating a brand based on Honor, Courage, Honesty, Trust, and Good Will will translate into profits. We also look at the struggles you will face in maintaining that brand.

Men’s Retreat

All Inclusive Weekend Workshop Getaway.  This weekend workshop is for guys to do guy stuff, to learn about what it means to be “A man of Steel and Velvet” to get in touch with our inner Superman.  This workshop is usually held in a back country lodge away from the distractions of everyday life. All lodging and meals are part of the package.

Women’s Retreat

All Inclusive Weekend Workshop Getaway. This weekend workshop is for girls to do girl things. I addition to the Spa experience, this workshop will address women’s leadership challenges, continuing inequality issues and how to break old stereotypes. This workshop is usually held at a Spa Resort away from the distractions of everyday life.  All lodging and meals are part of the package.

LGBTQ Retreat

All Inclusive Weekend Workshop Getaway. This retreat is for those who are living alternative lifestyles.  The workshop will address current issues that aspiring LGBTQ leaders face and how to cope in a world that does not yet fully accept us.  This workshop is usually held in Ashland, OR at an LGBTQ friendly inn. All lodging and meals are part of the package.

Wilderness Leadership Experience:

This is an all inclusive wilderness work and leadership experience. In this 3 week course,  you will be performing a project for the US Forest Service, The Park Service, Trail Organization, or a research institution. This project will challenge you to work as a team.

The first week will introduce you to the key leadership, team building, and wilderness skills you will need to accomplish your project in a controlled environment.  You will also take time to plan and organize your project.

Then you will take to the wilderness and over the course of the next 2 weeks you will execute this project in the best way you see fit.  While performing your project you will be camping in the wilderness so you will also need to provide for meals that accommodate the dietary needs of all team members.

You will also be responsible for properly handling your waste and practicing “Leave No Trace” environmental impact principles. You will also be responsible for the safety of your crew and protect yourselves from predators like bears, mountain lions, snakes and others.

This wilderness leadership experience has been credited by its participants with changing lives and anchoring the key competencies of real leadership.