We offer a wide variety of consulting such as assessments, plan development, execution measurement and more.  Here are some of the Consulting Services we can do for you.  Our business professionals can tailor consulting to your specific needs.

Organizational Credibility Assessment

This is a top down assessment of the credibility within the organization.  Credibility is one of the most important factors necessary for an organization to thrive.  Organizational Credibility starts at the top, the executive level and permeates all levels of the organization.  Internal credibility is how the employees of the organization view its leadership at all levels. But not just the leaders, each department can be viewed as credible or not.  External credibility is how your customers, suppliers, share holders, and other stake holders view your organization.  This will have great impact on the ability to secure buying power, retain valued customers, and attract investment.  This assessment will give you a clear picture of what your credibility is both internally and externally.  We can help you develop plans to improve credibility in all areas needed.

360 Corporate Leadership Assessment

This assessment focuses strictly on the Executive Level. Board of Directors can use this assessment to evaluate the effectiveness of Presidents and CEOs.  CEOs can use it as the foundation for Executive level evaluations.  This leadership assessment measures core leadership skills as well as tracking progress on corporate and an executive’s professional goals.

Corporate Communication Assessment

The Corporate Communications Assessment looks at the effectiveness, timeliness, and quality of the communication within your organization, top down, bottom up, and laterally (among and within departments).  We addition, we identify the causes of poor and miscommunication.  If the information flow within your organization is not effective, timely, and high quality it can lead to dysfunction, the inability to make good decisions because you don’t have the information you need or that the information you are given is actually wrong whether by accident or on purpose.  With the information gathered from the Corporate Communications Assessment, we can identify specific strategies to help you improve the information flow in your organization.

Strategic Planning Assistance

We can help you build your Strategic Plan and guide you in its execution.  We can help you define a corporate vision, what you want your company to be, what reputation you want to build, what your brand will look like.  We can perform a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis that will help you know where you shine, where your competition can take advantage of you, where new opportunities for growth and revenue exist, and what might derail your future.

Leadership Training for Executive Teams

We customize our leadership training for the Executive level, focusing on the issues routinely faced by executives.  Click here for a full list of our Leadership training.

Leadership Training for Middle Management

We customize our leadership training for middle management, focusing on the issues routinely faced by middle managers. Click here for a full list of our Leadership Training.

Ethics Review

The Ethics Review looks at how ethical your organization is in:

  • Financial Reporting
  • Employee Relations
  • Interdepartmental Relations
  • Customer Relations
  • Supplier Relations
  • Board Relations
  • Share Holder/Stake Holder Relations

Personality Profiling and Interaction Assessment

People’s personalities play a huge role in the effectiveness of an organization.  It is important to recognize what personality types naturally play well together and which require effort to do so.  Understanding other person’s personality types can be helpful in crafting positive interactions that lead to productive and efficient operations, better interpersonal relationships, and an overall more positive work atmosphere.

Organizational Alignment Assistance

Once you have an adopted Strategic Plan in place, it’s time to align the organization to achieve it.  Each executive’s and department’s goals must align with the Corporate Goals and Objectives. If individuals or departments have goals and objectives that run counter to the Corporate Goals and Objectives, then changes must be made.  Often these changes are personnel oriented, sometimes it means reorganization. In any case, these changes can be often hard to make.  That’s were we come in.  We can be the bad guy in effecting these changes, and after they are made, leave you to continue on to make things even better.